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Name: Mary Crooks
Associations: Victorian Women's Trust
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Mary Crooks, BA (Hons), MA, has been Executive Director of the Victorian Women's Trust since November 1996. She has a background in tertiary teaching, public policy and the design and management of public processes that enable people to give voice and act on issues of concern within their communities.

In her time at the Victorian Women's Trust, she has designed and led several major policy and philanthropic initiatives, including The Purple Sage project, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, and the six-year Watermark Australia project. She oversaw the development of the Trust’s anti-violence program, Be The Hero! as well as co-researching and writing the Trust’s research paper on the treatment of former women religious, The Paradox of Service. More recently, she researched and wrote A Gender Lens for Inclusive Philanthropy.

In 2001, Mary was included in the first intake of women on to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women. She has also received the Centenary Federation Medal for outstanding service to women.

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